“Simply put, Morgan is a phenomenal therapist. Her ability to create a safe space and really listen to her clients is unparalleled, and it is combined with amazing wisdom and practical insights, a rare combination! She is particularly gifted in working with couples and validating both people’s perspectives in a way that allows couples to find their strengths and actualize new communication skills that are vital to healthy relationships.” – Cathy Carr, MFT

“Morgan is a skilled and sensitive therapist. She combines a thorough knowledge of psychology with dedication, thoughtfulness and real human connection to bring about lasting positive change for her clients.” – Paul Silverman, MFT, LPCC

“Her intelligence, compassion, and insight make her one of the most talented clinicians I have had the fortune of working with.” – A.L.

“Morgan is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful clinicians that I know and I highly value and trust her input and perspective. She’s dependable, loving and kind hearted, and also so easy to be with.” – Saskia Ison, LMFT

“Morgan is a true healer. A most compassionate and loving person. She treats people with utmost respect, kindness and gentleness. Her presence is very grounding and calming and she has the ability to bring relief just by being herself – a true gift that does not come naturally to all therapists. I believe she is, perhaps, the most non-judgmental person I’ve ever met. She carries herself with utmost professionalism and is very skilled at seeing what’s going on underneath the surface.” – D.T.

“I have known Morgan as colleague. She is grounded, respectful, and compassionate. I feel confident sending her clients who want to do EMDR. I also believe that, by her utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy, she understands that the attachment we have to our partner is a key to the health of the relationship. She is a good listener and open-minded.”  – Abby Volk Neuberg, LMFT, LPCC


Morgan C. Howson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 52326